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Benefits and Advantages
With the increasing number of Cirrus aircraft throughout the world, the demand for professional, mature, and highly trained instructors continues to grow.  The Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program (CSIP) was designed to provide a certified flight instructor (or international equivalent) the necessary tools and skills to teach in a technically advanced aircraft.

After satisfactorily completing the CSIP course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion verifying you have completed the required training, and are a member of the CSIP community.  As long as your membership in the CSIP is maintained and in good standing, Cirrus will post your contact information on the Cirrus website, which is a public use website, for Cirrus owners and pilots to search.

As a Cirrus Standardized Instructor, you will be responsible for providing high quality transition training and other approved training courses to Cirrus owners and pilots.  Training will be provided under the guidelines set forth by Cirrus and UNDAF.

Instructor Qualifications
To be eligible for the Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program, one must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Certified Flight Instructor with instrument rating (CFI and CFII) or international equivalent
  • Logged 500 hours of total time
  • Logged 250 hours of dual given

Becoming a Standardized Instructor
Once your application has been approved, a representative from Cirrus will contact you within five (5) business days to arrange your training.  You will be required to provide a credit card at this time to pay for your online Jeppesen training course and supplemental training kit.  The supplemental training kit includes the following items:

  • Instructor Guide
  • Training Guide for the aircraft you will be using to complete your CSIP training
  • Cirrus Aircraft Training Software (CATS)
  • General Operating Manual (GOM)
  • Avionics Manuals
    • Avidyne PFD and MFD manuals
    • Garmin 430 User Guide + CD
    • S-Tec 55X autopilot manual
  • King Risk Management CD

An applicant MUST complete the five (5) Jeppesen online ground school modules prior to beginning the six (6) Jeppesen flight workshops.  A closed book quiz will be administered during the training to check for retention and understanding of the aircraft systems, avionics and standard operating procedures.

After satisfactorily completing the CSIP course with an authorized factory instructor – UND Aerospace Foundation (UNDAF) – UNDAF and Cirrus will issue a certificate of completion, enabling your membership as a Cirrus Standardized Instructor.

The initial investment to become a CSIP member is $2,100, plus shipping and handling charges for the supplemental training kit. This price includes the following:

  • Three days of standardization training ($1,500)
  • Standardization materials ($600)
    • Jeppesen Online Training Course
    • Cirrus Supplemental Training Kit

If additional training days are required, the cost is $595 per day, and $395 per half day. 

  • An offsite training fee of $250 will apply to all training outside of Duluth, which is not associated with delivery of a new Cirrus or Cirrus Certified aircraft.
  • *All prices are subject to change.

Aircraft Rental
The University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation has an SR22-G2 available for instruction. Contact UNDAF for more information - 218.788.3217.

Length of Standardization Training
The Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program (CSIP) is designed to take an instructor who has no experience in a Cirrus aircraft to the same level of proficiency as our instructors at the factory.  The CSIP course is comprised of five (5) online ground workshops and six (6) flight workshops.  The ground workshops are required to be completed prior to the start of your training.

The six (6) flight workshops are designed to be completed in a three (3) days to complete. However, if an applicant does not come prepared by completing the five (5) Jeppesen online ground workshops and reviewing the supplemental training kit, they can anticipate the training to take longer. Any training that takes longer than three (3) days to complete will be billable at the rates outlined above in the cost section.

Maintaining Status
To maintain status as a Cirrus Standardized Instructor you will be required to:

  • Maintain a CFI and CFII certificate (or international equivalent) and medical
  • Comply with the CSIP Terms of Agreement
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date training records for all individuals trained
  • Complete at least six (6) different training missions and log 50 hours of dual given in the Cirrus aircraft in the preceding 12 calendar months.
  • Pay an annual re-certification fee (required each 12 calendar months and is due prior to expiration)
  • Participate in refresher courses as defined by Cirrus/UNDAF

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Application Process
To begin the process of becoming a Cirrus Standardized Instructor, please complete the online application [CSIP Online Application].

A representative from Cirrus will contact you with five (5) business days to arrange your training.

Questions regarding the Cirrus aircraft (other than aircraft service questions), your training schedule for CSIP, UNDAF Instructor availability or training in general, should be directed to UNDAF.

For scheduling and instructor availability:
Phone: 218.788.3217
Fax: 218.788.3508
Web address:

Mailing Address:
UND Aerospace Flight Training Center
Cirrus Design Corporation
4514 Taylor Circle
Duluth , MN 55811

Questions regarding the Terms of Agreement and the CSIP guidelines should be directed to the program manager at Cirrus.

Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program Manager
4514 Taylor Circle
Duluth , MN 55811
Phone: 218.788.3845

Terms of Agreement
The Standardized Instructor named in the agreement with Cirrus Design Corporation agrees, as part of membership of this standardized Program (“Program”), that all terms and conditions associated with this Program will be followed at all times. This training will be provided under the guidelines set forth by Cirrus and UNDAF. To view the Terms of Agreement click here.